Introduction: 3d Printed Instructables Robot

This is a 3d print of the Instructables Robot, there are four pieces that assemble to create it, two legs a body and the head. I'm entering in the Robot challenge

Find STL files here on thingiverse

Step 1: Design and Print the Parts

I designed all the parts on AutoCAD, the body has a hole in the top that the head pushes into and two leg hole on the bottom for the legs to slide into. I made one of the legs with a square top to lock it position in the body but the other is circular so it can turn to look more realistic and as well help provide more balance.

Step 2: Smooth Out the Pieces

To smooth the pieces you can use sand paper and go over them, or put an open container of acetone on your printer, suspend the pieces over it , place a container around it all to keep the vapours in, then turn on the heated bed. The acetone inside will start to melt the plastic a little bit in doing so it leaves you with a very smooth sleek looking piece.

Step 3: Paint and Assemble

Since I didn't have yellow plastic to print the robot with, I used yellow spray paint and put a coat on all of the pieces then hand painted the other details in. Then put the legs in the slots on the bottom of the body and the head in the top.
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