Introduction: Summer Soda Hat W/ Built in Fan

The Summer Soda Hat provides you with two cold ones and without the trouble of having to hold and constantly lift the drink up to your mouth. While your enjoying yourself out side on a summer day you might start to over heat despite the fact you have cold drinks available, if so just flip a switch. Located on the rim for easy accessibility, the switch turns on a 12v fan that produces a nice cool breeze and keeps you very comfortable while relaxing and spending summer the right way, not wasting time to get up and grab another soda from the fridge.

Step 1: Materials

  • cups that latch onto side to hold soda, soup or cut Pringle cans work well
  • Hard hat
  • two .25" tubes 20" long
  • one .25" tube less than or equal to 40"
  • T fitting
  • clips or small bolts to hold cups on
  • 12V fan
  • 8 AA-batteries or use
  • boost converter
  • switch
  • zip-tie
  • bite valve, can use ones off camel-packs

Step 2: Attach Cups to Hat

put water bottle holders here on cups and slide then into slots located on each side of the hat or you can drill two small holes in the hat and attach the cups with a bolt and nut, if you're going to do it this way make another hole in the cup for the other side of the bolt to go through.

Step 3: Tubes

  • put the T-fitting onto the middle of the back head strap as shown in the picture and secure it with a zip-tie
  • push the two smaller tubes onto the sides of the fitting and the 40" tube on the remaining one
  • push the bite valve onto the end of the 40" tube, depending on the size of it you might need to use several other tubes consecutively placed atop each other to get a nice tight seal
  • the 20" tubes going up to the soda cans stay in place if you stick them through the tab on top on the pop can after you open it, and stay at the bottom where you can drink all the soda out.

Step 4: Wiring

see picture

  • You can choose not to have a boost converter as its an additional cost but you will be able to use fewer batteries, which may save you money down the road, and lighten the load on the hat with it

Step 5: Mouting

  • mount the switch in an easily accessible location
  • fit the fan, battery pack and boost converter up in the top in the hat in a location where the hat is well balanced on your head, when your happy, hot glue everything into place, if the straps are in the way while you're trying to glue, you can simply remove them
  • make sure everything fits nice and is well secured and enjoy
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