Introduction: 3x3 Slide Puzzle

Hello! today i will show you how to make a 3x3 slide puzzle. it will look like this.


3D printer, picture.

Step 1: Making the Picture

start out with a square and make the height 4mm (pic 1) and the length and width 24.5mm (pic 2). then copy and paste it 7 more times so you have 8 of them (pic 3). then put them 2mm in the air (pic 4). next, align them evenly so there is a 0.5mm gap between them. there should be one corner missing. group it together so nothing happens to them. then it will look like picture 5. ATTENTION: you can change where the empty spot is. it doesn't have to be in the top left corner.

Step 2: Making the Base/holder (part 1)

make a square and make the height of it 2mm and the length and width 75.93mm. next get another square and make the height of it 9mm and the length 82mm with a width of 3.04mm. then copy and paste it so there are 4 of them. these will be the walls. place them on the OUTSIDE of the square you made it the beginning. if its on the inside, it wont fit. now group it all together.

Step 3: Making the Base/holder (part 2)

here is part 2 for the base/holder. this will make sure the blocks don't fall out. get a square and elevate it 7mm from the ground. Height=2mm Width=2mm Length=80mm. copy and paste it 3 more times. now you have 4. to make it easy, put the blocks (step 1) inside the box (step 2 (aka part 2) and make sure there is a .5mm gap along the slides of the blocks. this will make it so they dont stick during the printing. then, take the rods you just made and make a tic-tac-toe pattern. but the rods need to be above the gaps between the blocks. otherwise, the blocks will fall out. now group everything together. and, if all done correctly, the blocks inside should not be touching the base/holder at all. or else the will stick. ATTENTION! make everything one color. any color you choose. the color is only going show on the base/holder. the blocks with have paper on them.

Step 4: Adding the Picture (Final Step)

now, just print it. while it's printing, search a picture of anything you would like. either a flower, family photo, silly cartoon, etc. this picture will be the picture the puzzle will be when it put together properly. picture 1 is the picture i chose for the tutorial. cut it into 9 pieces. take a corner piece out depending on where the empty space is for your puzzle. after the puzzle is done printing, make sure you can slide the blocks easily. now glue the pictures to the blocks so it makes the picture. let the glue dry. after it's dry, your done! Congratulations! you made it! now scramble it up, and try to solve it.

IMPORTANT: i dont have a 3D printer, so i don't know the size it will be in real life, but you can make it bigger or smaller if you want.

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