Introduction: 4 Step Organic Pico De Gallo

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share our simple Pico de Gallo recipe. This is truly a perfect summer time side dish for any BBQ or get together. This Pico goes great by itself as a dip and even better on top of many dishes like tacos, fajitas or a perfect breakfast omelet!

All the ingredients can be found locally in most grocery stores or local farmers market. For our recipe we got all of our organic ingredients at the Farmer's Market and our own garden.

Step 1: Ingredients

- 2-3 Fresh Jalapeños (use all 3 if you want it on the spicier side, we got the Jalapeños from our garden)

- 2 Avocados

- 2 Roma Tomatoes (we got these from our garden as well)

-2 Fresh Lemons to juice

-1/2 large White Onion

- 1 bunch of Cilantro

-Salt & Pepper to taste

Step 2: Chop Ingredients

In this step dice up the Tomatoes, Jalapeños, Avocados, Onion, and Cilantro. You want to make sure that everything is around the same size and not too large.

Step 3: Mix

Now that everything has been diced, go ahead and mix in a large bowl. Also, during this step is when you will use the Lemon juice and Salt & Pepper. You will want to start with smaller amounts and slowly add a bit more of each until you reach a taste that you prefer!

Step 4: Serve and Enjoy

Now that everything is ready go ahead and serve. This dip goes well with many types of chips and pretzels. It also goes great on top of many other dishes.

We hope that you enjoy our simple Pico de Gallo. This is the perfect summer time treat!

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