Introduction: 4 Annoying Ways to Use Glitter

Glitter is great! It makes everything sparkle! But like many good things in life, it also has a down side. It can be one hell of an annoying thing to get out of clothes, furniture and stuff like that. Just a tiny spillage of glitter, and even after a good clean up, it still turns up everywhere!

That is why glitter is great use for pranks and other friendly jokes to pull on friends and foes. It doesn't hurt anyone, its just annoying.

Step 1: 1: Making a Glitter Envelope Bomb

Glitter bombs are (or were) all the craze! Its not only for enemies, its also for fabulous friends who needs a bit of shine!

For this you will need:

  • Two types of glue: Somewhat weak, and a stronger one.
  • Thin paper, such as tissue paper or toilet paper.
  • Glitter!!
  • A greeting card, and an envelope to mail it in.
  • An address of your victim

  1. Start by pulling the layers from the tissue paper if you can. Thin is good, because you want it to be easily ripped apart.
  2. Fold it like a little pouch, and glue two of the edges with the weak glue (conveniently enough the weakest glue I could find already had glitter in it :D )
  3. Fill in the goods! (By that I mean the glitter...)
  4. Glue the top so the pouch is completely closed. You might also want to fold the edges to make sure the glitter can't escape.
  5. Let it dry.
  6. With the stronger glue, glue the edges of the pouch, except the part where its folded. Glue on both sides and close the card. Press the card, making sure the pouch is securely glued in. Have the folded part of the pouch facing the fold of the card.
  7. Let it dry a bit if necessary, and put it in the envelope and mail it to your victim.

When he or she opens the card, they have to rip it apart, ripping open the little pouch of glitter.

Step 2: 2: Glitterfy Ignorant People

I did this sometimes when I was out on a night out with my friends. I would carry a little bottle of glitter in my pocket, and when we were in crowded bars or dim lighted night clubs, I would take my glitter and sprinkle on people, feeling like a proper drunk fairy. The people of course wouldn't know about this, but the thought of how annoyed and surprised they might be when they came home and finding glitter in all their clothes, really pleased me.

Actually this method is as easy as it gets. Find a small bottle or cylinder for your glitter, and a fitting lid. Many kinds of glitter already comes in this kind of packaging, so thats convenient!
Cover it partially with your finger, and sprinkle on all the lovely people when they aren't looking!

Step 3: 3: Door Trap Glitter Surprise

You probably already know the classic "bucket of water over the door" trick, and frankly its getting a bit old. Lets spice it up with some fabulous glitter rain!
I mean who doesn't love glitter rain?! Well.. probably not whoever is going to have to clean it up later

You will need:

  • Paper (Somewhat small size, such as A5.. thats a regular A4 cut in half)
  • Tape
  • A long stick of some kind

  1. Fold one end of the paper a third or so up. Lightly fold some corners in the paper, making the glitter stay in place. Don't fold it too hard, since the paper has to be able to fold out completely by itself, when its not supported underneath.
  2. Put a piece of tape on the longer end of the paper, and place it on top of the doorframe, allowing the folded part of the paper to be able to rest on the door, if its half closed.
  3. Unless you have another way of exiting the room, other than the door, this can be really tricky!
    When you've added your glitter inside the paper, you need to hold the pouch closed with a long stick. Carefully walk out the door, while you are still holding the paper closed with the stick, and close the door just enough for you to gently pull the stick while paper can rest on the half closed door without folding out.

Step 4: 4: Shiny Hair

Do you have a friend who likes to brush their hair, and dreams of shiny hair? Help them achieve that goal!

Sprinkle a bit of glitter on to the hair brush, but don't over do it! If you add too much, it will most likely just fall out of the brush once the person grabs it, and that gives reason for suspicion.
Sprinkle just a bit, but evenly around the brush and not just one single spot.

Make sure to beat off some of the excess glitter.

Step 5: Recycle Your Annoying Glitter

This is just a tip for everyone who loves to work with glitter, but doesn't necessarily use it for evil.
Glitter can in itself be annoying to work with, simply because it can be really messy!

When you're working with your glitter, and sprinkle it on your glue or whatever you need it for, do it over a bowl, and gently tap the thing that needs glitterfying to get the excess glitter off.

Once you're done with your project, you have collected all the excess glitter in a bowl instead of everywhere on the floor and the table.
Use a brush and move it to a piece of folded paper. Gently tap the paper to get it moving towards whatever you use to collect used glitter in.

Then you have a nice mix of all kinds of glitter, perfect for glitter bombs and hair brushes :)

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