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Introduction: 4ARM Ver 1.0 - FABU Hands-free Door Opener

4ARM ver 1.0 Hands-free Door Opener is an assistive device we designed to support Coronavirus containment efforts by eliminating direct contact with the door handle. Everyday door knobs and handles are often hotspots for germs, because of the frequent and inevitable use of most door knobs/ handles. The virus is said to live on hard surfaces for up to 3 days. This mount-on door opener doesn't require drilling holes or replacing your door knob/ handle, intended to assist you to open doors without touching the knob with your hands. It is particularly helpful for you to navigate tricky moment when you need to open doors with sanitized hands. By using your forearm to operate this opener, you are less likely to transmit or to be contaminated by the virus.


To install a hands-free handle device you will need the following:

1. download our STL files

2. 3D Printer and materials

3. 4 M3 screws and nuts

4. screw driver

5. anti slip foam

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

To install a hands-free handle device you will need the following:

1. download our STL files
2. 3D Printer and materials
3. 4 pieces of M3 screws and nuts
4. screw driver
5. anti slip foam

6. double-side adhesive tape

Step 2: Download 4ARM Ver 1.0 3D Files & Print!

If you are familiar with 3D modelling, you can download the 3D files below and modify the 3D design to fit your requirements. Otherwise, you can download the STL file and go straight to printing it with your 3D printer. We designed 4ARM to be small enough to fit on most 3D printer build plates. Minimum print bed size is 150mm x 150mm. The design requires no support material or additional bed adhesion meaning minimal post-processing. We've mostly been producing the device in PLA with the print setting below:

1. shell size: 3
2. infill: 25%
3. extruder temperature: 210°C

We have make the files below available for you to download

1. Door Handler ver.1.f3d (fusion 3D file if you like to modify the design)

2. Door Handler ver.1 (1).stl (ready to print stl file)

3. Door Handler ver.1 (2).stl (ready to print stl file, pick the parts that you want to print )

Step 3: Wrap the Anti-slip Foam Around Your Door Knob

Cut a piece of anti-slip foam that is long enough to go around your door knob. Wrap the foam around the door knob, you may want to use double side tape to fix the foam in place. Standard doorknob has a knob diameter around 50mm to 55mm. 4ARM ver.10 mounting hole size is 58 mm. You can pad additional antislip foam to create enough friction so the clamp is tight fit.

Step 4: Mount 4ARM on Your Door Knob

Place the two parts against the door or the knob rose, with the protruding lip facing forwards. Most doorknob can be turned left and right to open, adjust the position of the handle so it does not obstruct the turning of the doorknob. Align the holes and put in the M3 screws and tightened them with a screwdriver. You can also use a cable or zip tie to secure the clamp. Thread cable or zip ties through the holes which are lined up. Make sure to fully tighten the ties/ the screws to prevent the device from moving.

Step 5: Test the Device by Using Your Arm

Using your arm, press on the 4Arm device to turn the doorknob and open the door. This is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by stopping the user from transmitting the virus by touching the handle with their hand. If you find this useful, step up to fight against COVID-19 by printing and distributing this device wherever possible. Stay safe, and together we can beat Coronavirus.

visit us at www.fabu.com.my

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    Great looking design, thank you for sharing.


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