Introduction: 4D Ping Pong

About: 4D Makers is a group of curious engineers and enthusiasts who finds great satisfaction in creating and building anything from electronics.

Ping Pong is a popular game for mobile phones that started on 1901. This is based on the sport table tennis, with bars used instead of actual rackets. In the actual mobile Ping Pong game, the bars are controlled using keys or by tapping the screen; but in this game, they are controlled by waving the hand in front of the console. This project uses serial communication between the display and Arduino and uses a gen4-uLCD-50DCT-CLB; a 5-inch capacitive touch display module.

Step 1: Build

In this project, you will need the following:



Build the circuit as shown in the schematic diagrams.

Step 2: Program

Download the project here.