Introduction: Running Alarm Clock

About: 4D Makers is a group of curious engineers and enthusiasts who finds great satisfaction in creating and building anything from electronics.

Alarm Clocks have helped mankind in the rigorous task of waking up since the times of ancient Greek. This project is a modern rendition of the aforementioned device. Warning! This device could be very annoying.

Step 1: Build


  • 4Duino - 24
  • 1 x Motor shield
  • 2 x DC motors
  • 1 x Real Time Clock module
  • 5V DC power supply
  • 3 x Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Robot Chasis
  • Assorted nuts and bolts
  • uSD Card
  • uUSB Cable
  • Jumper Wires


  • Workshop 4 IDE
  • Arduino IDE

Build the circuit as shown in the schematic diagrams.

Step 2: Program

Download the project here.