Introduction: 4th of July Wreath

About: Hi. My name is Adelle and I work for Trotec Laser, Inc. In my spare time I enjoy sharing projects for people to use on their lasers.

Materials Needed:

  • Unfinished Wood
  • Craft paint: red, white, and blue
  • Patriotic Bow and Ribbon
  • Foam paint brush

Step 1: Create File

I used CorelDraw to design our file. As you can see, I utilized the entire sheet of wood by cutting two of everything - so I can make two wreaths.

After finding a fonts I liked I measured the length of my bow and make the "4" about the same size, and the "JULY" the same width as the leg of my "4".

Step 2: Place Wood in Laser

Add woo to laser and focus on material

Step 3: Set Up File in JobControl

Depding on the type of wood and thickness you'll need to adjust the power accordingly.

Step 4: Cut

Now it's time to cut your files... We are using a Speedy 300 120W laser, so this only took a few seconds.

Step 5: Paint

Paint your letters "JULY" and the "4" using the red, white, and blue craft paint.

Step 6: Glue

After the paint dries, glue the "July" running down the leg of the "4" and the "4" to the ribbon.

Step 7: Hang and Admire

Hang your festive 4th of July Wreath up so friends and family can admire yoru hard work!