Introduction: Laser Engraved Agate Pendant

About: Hi. My name is Adelle and I work for Trotec Laser, Inc. In my spare time I enjoy sharing projects for people to use on their lasers.

Personalize your own agate pendant with your Trotec laser machine.

Create your own design, or use our free template.


  • CO2 laser (We used a Trotec Speedy 360 100W with a 1.5" lens)
  • Vacuum table
  • Agate disks
  • Leather band

Tip: To engrave a filigree design, we recommend using a 1.5" lens for this sample.

Step 1: Design

Send the job to the laser with the settings below.

*Print Settings

  • Process Mode: Standard
  • Resolution: 1000 dpi
  • Cut Line: None
  • Halftone: Color
  • Others: None

Note: We used the highest possible resolution of 1000 dpi for our laser engraving job for a perfect outcome of our detailed graphics.

Step 2: Laser Engraving

Now make the parameter settings. Position the agate disk into your Trotec Laser machine and focus on the surface. Focus on the average value of the engraving area, if the stone is rounded. Then start the engraving process.

*Laser Parameters for Engraving (Black)

  • Process: Engrave CO2
  • Power (%): 50.00
  • Speed (%): 30.00
  • ppi/Hz: 1000 ppi
  • Passes: 1
  • Air Assist: ON
  • Z-Offset: +1.5mm
  • Advanced: High Quality

*Our suggested parameters may vary depending on the laser machine used and the available laser power.

Tip: The contrast is higher than engraving in focus due to the +1.5 mm z-offset (out of focus).

Step 3: Assembly

You do not have to clean the pendant after engraving. Add a pin or a leather band and your personalized agate pendant is complete.