Introduction: 5 Awesome Balloon Experiments

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Almost Kid friendly experiments using balloons!!

Step 1: One or Many

Get your inflated balloon ready to pop! Place one thumbtack on the table. Will the balloon pop? Of course! Now place as many thumbtacks as possible on the table. Will the outcome be the same?

Step 2: Fire Vs Water

Adult Supervision is Needed!

Go ahead and inflate one balloon. Now with a lighter or match - we went a little overboard with our giant match - place the flame next to the balloon. Will it pop? Of course!

Now with another balloon - before you inflate it - fill the balloon with water and then inflate the balloon. Now again with your source of fire, place the flame next to the balloon. Will the outcome be the same?

Step 3: Pick Up Two Cups With No Hands!

Place two cups next to each other with a balloon in the middle. Note* You will have to hold the cups in position because once you start to inflate the balloon it will push the cups away from each other. As strong as you can hold the cups in the same position and inflate the balloon.

Now you can let go of the cups and with one hand hold the balloon. No need to use your hands to pick up two cups! Just one to lift a balloon!

Step 4: Balloon Specimen

Adult Supervision is Needed!

You will need a balloon, a glass jar, paper, and a source of fire.

Make yourself a water balloon so that its bigger than the opening of the jar. Depending on the size of the jar, that will determine the size of the flame you need. Light the paper and place it in the jar. Immediately place the water balloon on top of the jar cutting the source of oxygen to the flame.

Now you have balloon specimen!

Step 5: Needle Through a Balloon

Take a sewing needle or anything sharp and long. Have two balloons ready for this one. With your first balloon go ahead and place the needle through the balloon. Will it pop? Of course!

Now with the second balloon, grab a piece of scotch tape. Place the tape on the balloon. This time place the needle through the tape and balloon. Pretty amazing outcome!

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