Introduction: Best Fire Experiments That Are Dangerous Part 2

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Here are some science experiments using fire as the main element!

Step 1: Flying Ghost

Grab a cup, a pair of scissors, a black marker, a box of matches, a plate, and a few tea bags. Open a tea bag and pour the contents into a cup. Use the scissors to cut the empty tea bag in half. Now with the marker give your tea bag a ghostly face. Place your ghost on the plate standing up and light a single match. Light the top of the ghost and watch your ghost take flight!

Step 2: Fire Proof Dollar

Take two cups and fill one with plain water and the other with 50% rubbing alcohol. Place a dollar on the plate and pour each cup so the dollar gets covered with the liquids. Use a pair of tweezers to hold the dollar bill. Note: Do not hold the bill with your hand! Now use a match to light the dollar and you will have a dollar that is fire proof!

Step 3: Fire Ants

Grab a bundle of steel wool the finer it is the better. Pull a small piece off the bundle, and place it on a plate. This is so you get an idea of what it will do once the steel wool is lit. Now turn off the lights and light the entire bundle. It will look like a colony of fire ants!

Step 4: Black Snake

Fill a plate with sand and make a crater in the middle. In a cup use 4 parts of powdered sugar to 1 part baking soda. Add lighter fuel to the sand. Note: Go ahead and add enough to soak the crater and the surrounding area. Place your baking soda/sugar mixture into the crater. Now light it up and you will begin to see little black balls forming. After a while you will see a black snake forming. Ours turned out to be a tree trunk!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

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