Introduction: 5 C's of Survival

Hey, guys Supreme_Survival back.

Today I'm going to talk about the 5 C's of Survival and I'm also going to give you a low-end a high-end product.

These 5 C's were created by Dave Canterbury.

I will included the other less important 5 C's in another Instructable.

Step 1: C #1: Cutting Tool

A cutting tool can range from a tiny Victorinox to a Zombie KIller Machete.

Low-end tool: Elk Ridge 10.5" Bowie Knife:- £14.99.

This knife is a Full-tang blades which is 5" long, the handle is made from Burl wood and it also comes with a nylon sheath. This knife has a relatively sharp blade out of the box because I have borrowed a friends before.

High-end tool: SOG Seal Team Elite Knife:- £120.58.

This knife has an extended tang which can be used as either a hammer or a window smasher. It has a blade length of 7'" and it has a rugged and durable Zytel handle. It also has a hard side Kydex sheath, with an overall length 12.3".

Step 2: C #2: Combustion

The next C is something that you can use to start a fire. Most Preppers will moan at me for not including a flint and steel, however I would prefer spending loads of money on lighters and start a fire straight away rather than buy a couple of flint and steel and spend 10 minutes lighting a fire.


This is a Rip-off the expensive Zippo lighter create buy a Chinese company called AARU. It can also be refolding using Zippo lighter Fluid.

High-end: Zippo Armor Lighter:- £16.16.

This is a regular Zippo without any pattern on the casing. It is made from metal and is windproof and the components inside the lighter will last a lot longer than a cheap copy lighter.

Step 3: C #3: Cover

The cover can be anything from a tent to a a tarp and hammock to a tarp on the floor.

Low-end: Kombat UK Survival Basha:- £16.69.

This bash is based on the one used by the British Army all over the world. It is a highly versatile shelter with a robust and hard wearing design. The material used is fully waterproof with brass eyelets at corners and along the middle, all together there are 12 reinforced loops around the edge and 3 reinforced pitch loops. It is 2.5m by 1.7m.

High-end: Highlander Nomad Hammock:- £54.99.

This is a hammock with a built in mosquito net and a tarp.

Step 4: C #4: Container

This container is something that you are able to boil water in so that you can make it safe to drink.

Low-end: Summit 750ml Stainless Steel bottle:- £7.36

This bottle is built by a more well known company and i have seen a number of people use these bottles whilst have camping.

High-end: Cheeki 1 Litre Stainless Steel Water Bottle:- £11.45.

This bottle was designed in Australia and is BPA free. It can also survive a number of bumps and not even dent a bit.

Step 5: C #5: Cordage

Cordage could be anything from climbing rope to 550 Paracord.

Low-end: Adjustable Paracord Survival Bracelet:- £1.10.

This bracelet consists of several feet of 550 paracord in black. The cord can be unravelled quickly and you will always have some cord on hand (LITERALLY).

High-end: DMM Shorty 30m Climbing Rope:- £52.98

This is climbing rope rather than paracord which is a lot stronger however it does have fewer uses compared to paracord.