$5 Fishing Lure - Key Rack - Stocking Stuffer...




Introduction: $5 Fishing Lure - Key Rack - Stocking Stuffer...

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As our family grows and gets older we have started doing Secret Santa but with a low price limit of $20. Me being creative I was able to do a great personalised gift for only $5.

This year I picked my dads name out of the hat. As he is getting on in years it gets harder and harder to buy for him. This I was inspired as I was cleaning my storage locker and found an old tackle box my dad had given me. I selected a nice large lure that we used to fish with when I was a kid and decided to make a key holder.

This is a quick and simple project but one with a lot of sentiment for me and my dad as we used to spent many days together fishing on the lake. We never actually caught much but just the time we spend sitting in the boat brings back many fond memories.

I dug through my photo album and found a picture of my dad fishing and picked up a cheap Ikea frame. I needed it to have quite a large frame edge in order to epoxy on the fishing lure. But first it had to be made safe. Fishing lures are notoriously sharp so I just cut some yellow wire insulation pulled the wire out and stuck it over the barbs. If I would have has clear wire plastic I would have used that as you would still be able to see the barbs and it would be less obvious. But I also like how the yellow matches with the lure and makes it obvious that it has been made safe. All that was left to do is to epoxy it to the frame and tape it in place until the epoxy is set.

This is probably one of the simplest Instructables but I feel that you can achieve a lot of emotional impact in very simple things.

Now every time my dad leaves the house he has a reminder of our happy times together.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    great idea, i recommend using a wire cuter to snip those hooks to avoid an accident.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The plastic caps work better, even snipping them they are still thin and fairly sharp. the caps get locked in with the barb and not only protect fingers from the hooks but also make it easier to see where to hang your keys.