Introduction: 5 Ideas With Plastic Bottles


In today's issue of I'm shocked, I'll show you 5 life awesome and interesting ideas about what can be done with the plastic bottles. As today all throw used bottles to the waist bin and don't think about the fact that plastic dissolves very slowly, that leads to pollution of environment.

Step 1: Today's 5 Life Hacks of Plastic Bottles Will Teach You to Use Plastic Bottles Repeatedly for Other Purposes That Are Not Less Useful. Moreover, We Are Not Going to Throw Them Away So Quickly.

Step 2: How to Make a Spoon With a Plastic Bottle!

I think you encountered the situation when you need a spare spoon being at hiking, fishing, or just resting. But unfortunately, there's none around to buy. There's no need to panic or be upset, as we can make 5 spoons instead of 1 using a plastic bottle. To make a plastic spoon we need the following things: a knife, a lighter or matches to smooth sharp edges. It's very easy to make the spoon within 3 minutes.

Step 3: What Can Be Made Out of Plastic Bottle Lids (lifehack)?

Step 4: How to Make a Cup With a Plastic Bottle!

We need a cylinder shaped plastic bottle and a knife. We don't need any glue, screws or other things.

Step 5: There Are Thousands of Great DIY Ideas for Ways to Reuse Plastic to Create Something Useful and Beautiful for Your Home or for Yourself

Here is just a handful of the many great ideas out there for how to recycle those plastic bottles and their caps and keep them out of landfills or the environment.
Get inspired and get started!