Introduction: 5 Lamp Ceiling Light

I love to design and make stuff. Work with ideas and bring them to the real world. And 3D printing is awesome. Putting all this together, I got this project. ;-)

I needed to buy 2 ceiling lights, one for my work room and another to my bedroom. I've decided to make them 100% 3D printable (except for the bulbs and wires, yet!). I needed this lamp to have adjustable lights, so I could point them to specific places. For this, there are some 3D printed nuts and screws kind of pieces that allow you to adjust vertically 4 of the 5 lamps. You can also adjust the lamps horizontally by rotating the main 3D printed screw.

This design is the product of a specific need that I share here, and it was also a huge save of money. You can make this for less than 5€.

This 5 lamp ceiling light can be modified for your needs in Fusion 360. I leave here the entire project for download in a link bellow.

The other one is a 3 Lamp Ceiling Light and is 100% 3D printable too. You can find that instructable here.

Follow this instructable to print and assemble you 5 Lamp Ceiling Light.

In this instructable I presume you know the basics about electricity. Wiring a lamp is easy, but 220v ou 110v electricity is no joke. Take precautions before wire and connect.

Have fun!

Step 1: What You Will Need

A 3D printer! - Ok, that was obvious. But if you don't have one at home, you can always borrow one from a friend or use a 3D print service (like 3D hubs).

5 x E14 Lamp holder - any cylindrical 26mm diameter and ~55mm lenght will do, but you can allays change dimensions in Fusion to fit your lamp holder

5 x lamps E14

2.5mm Wire

1.5mm Wire

Wire connectors

3D printed parts

Step 2: Printing Parts

Some parts will need supports. Easy to set, pictures can show you where supports are needed. Also, almost all printing software have automatic supports setup.

If your layer height is 0,2mm or less, you can set your maximum overhang angle to 66 degrees. That way you wont need supports in thread grooves.

Supports are needed in CENTER and CENTER-LAMP parts only.

All other parts wont need supports if printed in right position. Follow pictures.

Printing positions are important for strength too.

You will need:

1 x CENTER (with supports)

1 x CENTER-LAMP (with supports)



4 x LEG

4 x NUT

Step 3: Wire All E14 Lamp Holders

1.Open the lamp holder.

2.Strip the wires

3.Loosen the screws

4.Insert the wires

5.Tighten the screws to secure the wires

6.Cut the wires (leave about 40cm of wire)

7.Close the lamp holder

8.Do all steps 3 more times

You will end with 5 wired lamp holders.

Step 4: Fit E14 Lamp Holders in Place

1.Fit wired lamp holder to a HOUSE.stl piece. It will fit as in picture 1 and 2.

2.Repeat step 1 three more times

3.Fit one wired lamp holder in CENTER-LAMP.stl. Do it like in pictures 3, 4 and 5

Step 5: Assemble C-HOLDER and LEG

See pictures above for more reference.

1.Take LEG.stl and fit it in C-HOLDER hole (pic 3)

2.Gaps are good but If it is too tight sand LEG.stl a bit (probably it will be all right,but sometimes printers are not tuned as we want ;)

3.In the end you will ear a click, its a safety fitting. You can press it if you need to remove it (pic 6)

Step 6: Assemble E14 HOUSE and LEG

1.Take the HOUSE with E14 holder fitted and put it in LEG thread

2.Choose your lamp position and screw the NUT to LEG thread (pic 2)

3.Take the wire an pass it through the upper hole in LEG (pic 3)

4.Pass the wire trough the tunnel in C-HOLDER (pic 4 and pic 5)

5.Do this to all the E14 HOUSES

You will end up with 4 assembled lamp arms (pic 6)

Step 7: Assemble CENTER-LAMP and C-HOLDERs

1.Take one assembled C-HOLDER and fit it with the extra large led (pic 2)

2.Take the wire from lamp holder (the one that passes trough C-HOLDER tunnel) and fit it trough both holes, the one in C-HOLDER and the other in CENTER-LAMP (pic 3 and pic 4)

3.Do the same for the other 3 lamps

You will get something like in pic 7 and pic 8


1.Now pass all wires trough BASE hole (pic 2)

2.Screw BASE to CENTER-HOLDER (pic 3)

3.Strip the wires preparing them to receive connectors (pic 5)

Step 9: Connect the Wires

1.Take 2.5mm wire and cut it like in pic 1

2.connect the wires from base to connectors (pic 2)'re done with the lamp assembling

Step 10: Connect to Home Grid

1.Make sure you have your home electrical grid shut down before step 2 ;) can find in BASE two holes to receive two screws so you can hold the lamp to the ceiling

3.after connected, make it light up your room!

Step 11: Last Thoughts

The purpose of this instructable is to make a 100% 3D printable ceiling lamp.

The lamp design is made with the 3D printer in mind. How it works and what is capable of. Sometimes is hard achieve that, and 3D printers are all different.

A well tuned 3D printer is half way to get a good print. So try to tune yours as good as you can. There are lots of tutorials where you can learn the best way to do it.

All parts are easy to medium to print. There are no hard parts to print in this design.

If you like it, give it a try and have fun making things ;)

Thank you!

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