5 Mean Valentine's Day Pranks!




Introduction: 5 Mean Valentine's Day Pranks!

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· With Valentines coming up soon, why not use that special day to pull a few pranks on your significant other. The following are 5 pranks you can set up using valentines day gifts.


· The first 2 involve flour or powder of any kind, if you’re cheap and just bought them a card well that’s cool, simply put some flour inside the card. Close it and give it to your victim, but give it to them while they’re sitting down, It’s messier that way.


· Let’s say your boyfriend is expecting a watch for valentines, that’ll be perfect because all you need is the box it comes in, like this one. Empty it out and while opened add flour on both sides. Gently close it and now when he opens it he’ll be in for a huge disappointment.


· You can get your girl with this prank, you’ll need a small jewelry box and a small fake spider. Simply tie a string to the spider and the other end of the sting to the top of the box. When she opens it, it wont be pretty especially if she’s terrified of spiders.


· Here’s a quick way to tamper with a box of chocolates, using a knife remove a piece from the bottom of a piece of chocolate, once the inside is exposed, add some chilly powder and put the piece of chocolate back to cover it. No one really looks underneath a piece of chocolate before they put them in their mouth so this prank will not fail. It will definitely taste disgusting.


· Lastly lets booby trap a stuffed teddy bear, they bear shoulf have flexible legs like this one, The reason for that is that we’re going to cut one of it’s legs open right along the stitching. Remove some of the cotton so you have room to put a small cup filled with water inside.


· You can either staple the leg shut or use a safety pin and that’s it, leave the teddy bear sitting down like this. Once it’s picked up your victim will get wet!

· Alright well if you guys really want to be jerks on February 14th then go ahead and try some of these pranks, not my fault if you end up being alone on Valentines Day. To get a better idea of how to pull these off Watch the video tutorial by Clicking Here!!!

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    6 years ago

    you scared the buhjeesus out of me!! for a moment I thought you where inserting exacto blades on that teddy :O