Introduction: 5 Minute LED Persistence of Vision (POV) Project...

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Over the years my kids have collected these LED lightsabers - In 5 minutes I turned them from trash into a exciting POV (persistence of vision) project. Even though this is a simple project the results are purely satisfying.

Step 1: Parts

  1. Lightsaber - I bet a bunch of verities would work
  2. scotch tape
  3. wire cutters
  4. small screwdriver
  5. 3volt button battery

Step 2: Break Things - You Know in a Good Way

Inspect your saber for how it is constructed. Open it up and remove the control board and the LED strip.

Step 3: Rebuild the World

Attach the 3v button battery to wires and pray for light. If it works your almost home :)

Step 4: Let Their Be Light

Attach to fan blade and enjoy the show - Congrats builder your a HERO!

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