Introduction: 5 Minute Laser Pointer And/or Small Led Flashlight Padded Pvc Case.

Hello again instructables community. Today i bring a laser pointer /small flashlight padded case. That virtually anyone can make in under 5 mins.
With new aged laser pointers becoming increasingly popular. Certain companies realized quickly how to make a quick buck or $20-$40. There are alot of “✌SPECIALIZED ✌" padded cases on the market for very high prices. Alot of times more than the product you are trying to protect. Now im not looking for a science
Award in ingenuity. Im to be honest, fed up with ridiculous prices for products that generally dont last. This is a very simple and quick instructable, blink and you may miss it

Step 1: Getting Started / Materials

Materials: Tape measure
° A length of 1 1/2 inch pvc
° two 1 1/2 inch pvc caps
° some foam pad of your choosing
°either glue or my go to helper. Double sided tape.
° something to cut pvc dowb to size. I used a sawsall. Hand saws will work to. (it just may not be a five minute case anymore though)
° optional pvc primer and pvc cemet.
° pair of scissors.
Please exercise caution. Although this is a very easy project. Use of powertools and the pvc primer anf glue. Requires a general appreciation of the dangers involved while working on your project.

Step 2: The Five Minute Process

Ok here goes. Measure the object or largest object that will potentially be stored in your case. My laser pointer is 6 inches long. So i cut my pvc to about 6 and a 1/4 inches to 6 and 1/2 inches. You want to cut to about the size of what you are going to store. Cause even with the padding we need to install. You generally dont want the object having alot of free room to bounce in. Once you have cut your pvc grab your foam padding and one of the pvc caps. Now trace around the cap with a marker or exacto knife. Then cut til itll fit inside the lidd. Repeat this step one more time. Now either glue or tape. The padding to the underside top of the cap. Reason i use double sided tape. Glues i found takes a while to cure and other tape may require exposing your object to sticky situations. . Now the one and only time you will need the primer and glue. Is to glue one side only on. You dont necessarily have to do this. I did for extra precaution. To avoid the cap coming off and laser hitting the ground. Now grab some more pad and cut a length of it to match length of pvc tube you just cut. And take your tape and with some long tweezers apply to inside other tube then use tweezers to pull white backing off. Exposing the adhesive. Then here is my trick yoy may want to test size fitting before applying tape. But roll the foam if correct size into a tight roll. Now if your quick enough. Shove it into the pvc quickly so it doesnt have a chance to unroll or become permanently stuck to tape. Now its gonna get stuck no matter how quick. But most of the time. Use of the tweezers you can work it down to where it belongs. Then press foam firmly to tape on all sides and. Thats it. You'll notice my laser fits almost flush. And also you can see the one small strip of padding. I cut my pad not wide enough so i just spliced in a piece very easy. You should have bout five good strips of tape in the tube covering a good portion of it. So if that happens tape should already be where you need it. But use more if need be. Also dont make it too tight to where you cant retrieve said item and if it is short and kinda wide. Your flash light. Use a piece of string or paracord and tie it around the object and roll string up and place on top of the laser for eaay retrieve. I even wrapped a good length of paracord on the outside. In case any need arrives. Very handy to have. Quick tip if you work in occupation that uses alot of pvc. You can actually use this idea to store valuables in plain sight. In a pile of scrap pvc. And no one would ever think to go searching for something there. Just dont forget it there or assume no one will ever find. But it does help ones odds out. My case has fell a few times and I still do not have any damage to my laser. This project can easily be made for under 5 dollars. If you buy all the supplies it will run you more. But youll still have plenty left over for quite a few more cases. This one i didnt want to enter into any contests. Its more of i just wanna help save people a buck or two. Any comments regarding anything i could do to improve are welcome. Oh almost forgot using 3inch pvc i made a quick dremel case complete with rope handle same concept. Thank you