Introduction: Guitar Stand and Accessories Storage

Here in this instructable ill show you how to easily re-purpose a wooden 6 drawer storage on wheels into a guitar stand that will also hold a small amplifier and other various guitar accessories. The title picture as you see one is the shelf before and one is the after. This is real simple and this pretty much is only good if you have a extra similar drawer design sitting around.


You will need as discussed a similar drawer storage.

Screw driver and/or drill
Each drawer can vary so what ever bit you will need such as Phillips or flat head

Longer flat head or similar tool like small pry bar

Hammer hook

Some rubber tubing

Hot glue gunand glue

Some soft but sturdy padding (i used the padding from Bluetooth headphones packaging.

Step 1: Making Your Deep Drawer Storage

There isnt very many steps. Cause basically you take what was already built and minus a few things out and get just about what you had before. So i started by taking all the shelves out and i knew immediately i needed one to be deeper than its standard self. So i took apart two drawers and was able to split the screws so instead of 2 screws on one side panel. It was 1 screw in one panel and stacked below another on to the second side panel. Now you do use existing screw holes butyou wil also need to make your own on the front drawer piece so the second side panel can anchor on. And i did the similar thing on the back piece of drawer. And then put the bottom plate on.. Almost forgot that you will be using both fronts and both backs from the two drawers you took apart and basically are taking one drawer and flipping it on top of the other but leaving only one bottom plate on the lower drawer to get your depth. Hopefully picture does a better job than i did showing what i meant.. Now you finished that. Set it aside and head to next step.

Step 2: Converting the Slider Racks to Accommodate the Shelf Differences

Now with a long flat head or pry bar take outthe necessary slider racks. So in this case take all of them except your 2nd from top and next to bottom ones. The top rack will now slide the bottom portion of the deep drawer perfectly to close as it normally would have before. Now for the amp stirage and part guitar storage. Flip a drawer upside down and take the back piece from one of the spare drawers and anchor that on to the back creating a stopper for your amp. And do the same with a front piece again making a front stopper.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Now take your hammer hook and either pre drill or just muscle it in by hand till you get it secure to hold a guitars weight. Not too much or you may split the shelf cause you will be doing that right in the middle of the top plate of the whole drawer. Once in place i used rubber tubing to further cover the hook to prevent damage to the neck of my guitar. Then i strategically placed that foam padding and hot glued down. Making sure the guitar has padding and slip resistant spots to sit on..

Now be sure when storing that you keep amp pushed all the way back cause that bottom drawer has to sit out a bit to hold the guitar and having the amp towards the front may make the whole thing tip.. Top storage has enough room for a pedal or two power cords headphones strings and tools and with it on wheels can easy move around. Now you can also stretch some tubing on one side of the hook over the neck of guitar and to the other hook side creating a secure holder making sure the guitar really goes nowhere but thats kinda a pain to do and undo every time. So only do it when you feel you really need to. Also when wheeling always keep the guitar close to you and not away it may tip if wheel gets hung up on something