Introduction: 5-Minute Wall Pencil Holder

Here's a quick way I came up with to have pencils and pens readily available in different places throughout the house.

Step 1: Materials

Rectangular Eraser

Xacto Knife

Pencil, pen (small diameter works best given the dimensions of standard erasers)


3M Foam-backed Removable Adhesive Mounting Squares

Optional: Lightweight ruler or letter opener

Step 2: Cut Grooves in the Eraser

Cut grooves in the eraser with the Xacto knife – they will hold the pencil and pen.  You can also cut an optional slice to hold a small lightweight ruler or letter opener.

Step 3: Apply the Removable Adhesive Mounting Squares

Remove one side of the liner tape of the 3M foam-backed Removable Adhesive Mounting Squares and apply it to the back (i.e., smooth, uncut side) of the eraser.  Make sure to cover the entire back of the eraser and then trim the adhesive squares as necessaryUse a fingernail, Xacto knife etc. to press/score the adhesive squares firmly against the eraser – since this is a removable adhesive, we want to make sure that it is securely adhered to the eraser.

Step 4: Firmly Press Pencil Holder Onto the Wall

Remove the remaining liner tape from the 3M foam-backed Removable Adhesive Mounting Squares and press the eraser firmly against the wall near your desk, workbench, kitchen or on the dashboard of your car.

Step 5: Use Your New Pencil Holder!

Place pen and/or pencils in (and optional ruler/letter opener).Use pushpin to stick on small note.