Introduction: 5 Minute Yarn Coaster

this simple DIY is nice looking and easy to make. The coaster should fit most cups but if it does not you can add more yarn to make it bigger by doing the easy steps you will soon learn. If you want you can also make a placemat by, again, just adding more yarn. This idea is a great gift for anyone. It could probably, be a cute art piece for on a wall.


for this project, you will need

.3 different colors of yarn

.hot glue gun or yarn needle

Step 1: Step 1

for step 1, you need to cut 96 inches off of your 3 different colors of yarn. When you are done cutting your yarn start braiding the colors together as you would with your hair.

Step 2: Step 4

Now you need to pull out your hot glue gun and as you wait for your glue gun to heat up fold your braid in half. Ounce you are done hot glue the two sides of the yarn together. Next start hot glueing it into a swirl or snail shell.

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