Introduction: 5 Minutes Simple Wind Turbine for Everybody

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I am fascinated with wind turbines and green energy. Today, I tried a new simple project that anybody can make.

I found this old fan blade assembly and decided to use it in something useful.

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Permanent Magnet Motor

Step 1: Tools and Components

Here are all you need


Generator from Amazon DE , Amazon FR, Amazon UK , Amazon ES , Amazon IT , eBay , Banggood , FlipKart India , Lazada, aliexpress

Old fan blades from eBay or Banggood , Aliexpress

LED from eBay or Banggood , Aliexpress


Voltmeter from eBay or Banggood , Aliexpress

Screwdriver from eBay or Banggood , Aliexpress

Step 2: Assemble Your Turbine

Now connect the fan blades to the motor shaft and use the screwdriver to install tighten the screw.

Now you've got your fully functioning wind turbine.

Let's test it in the wind.

Step 3: Test the Turbine in the Wind

In this step, I tested the wind turbine with a Voltmeter and an LED.

As you can see, when the wind blown so strong, the LED was brighter. Also, the Voltmeter has measured about 30volts open circuit (with no load).

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