Introduction: 5 Strand Leather Bracelet

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A video tutorial on how to recycle your leather and turn it into a really nice 5 strand bracelet. Enjoy!

Step 1: Cut Your Leather

Cut out a strip of leather. I cut mine at 2x19cm (75x7.5 inches). This obviously is something you need to figure out yourself so that it fits your wrist. I wanted to strips to each be approximately 4 millimeters wide. As for the length, measure your wrist and add 2.5 cm to the length of the leather. It should come out about right.

Step 2: Cut the Strips

My leather is 2 cm wide, so I measured and cut my strips to be 4 millimeters wide. Don't forget to leave at least 1.5 cm at each end so that you can put a closure in.

Step 3: Start Braiding

Tape down the leather at one end. Separate the strips so that you have 3 in your left and and 2 strips in your right. Now take the bottom of the leather, bring it over and through the separated strands. That was your 1st flip!

Step 4: Braid

The bottem of the leather will be slightly twisted. That is totally normal. Just start braiding. After the 5th strand, stop.

Step 5: Flip Braid Flip Braid Flip Braid.......

Time for your second flip. Take the bottom of leather up and over and through the strands. Now braid 12345 again and stop, and flip. Braid again 12345 and flip. This process repeats itself over and over again. This is a good time to watch the attached video. In my bracelet I flipped 6 times and braided the 5 strands 5 times. It gets quite tight at the bottom, but keep going.

Step 6: Even Out the Braid

The braid will be tight at the bottom and more loose at the top. Just even out the braiding so it looks nice and lays flat.

Step 7: Make Your Closure

If you have a snap setter, this is the time to use it. I have also sewn on a hook and eye before.

Step 8: Done.

Wear with pride or give to someone you love.... or really really really like!

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