Introduction: 5 Things You Can Make With Spare Resistors!

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In this Instructable, You will see 5 Awesome Things You Can Make With Spare Resistors!

This Instructable will not have any kind of resistor jewelry, But here are a few you might be interested in:

Earrings---Rings---Bracelets (WikiHow)---Necklaces (

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*I think it might be better to categorize this Instructable as "Electronics-ish"

Step 1: HELP! What Can I Do With ~40,000 (1/4W) Resistors?

I need your help! I need ideas of things I can make with 1/4W resistors, I don't want to throw this enormous amount of resistors away! Leave your ideas in the comments below for part #2 of this Instructable!

Let's say that I might have gotten this crazy amount of resistors sort of as a present from someone...

Step 2: Close a Plastic Bag With a Resistor!

Another short-ish Life-Hack, It takes about 2 seconds to close a plastic bag with a resistor!

Sort of self explanatory, But you just have to wrap and twist the resistor around the plastic bag. Still looks to me like the resistor seals it better...

Step 3: Resistor Coasters

Wired_Mist thought of making some coasters, I didn't need any coasters, But I did think of something that I could make with a couple mini coasters.

You'll need a Soldering Iron, Some Solder, And your preferred "Helping Hands" to make this.

Most coasters are shaped as a circle, but I've made mine a square, You'll soon see why I did it like this

This, By the way, Is a great project to attempt if you're a beginner at soldering, I promise that this will develop your ability to to make small and precise solder connections.

Step 4: Making the "Resistor Coasters"

Start by soldering four resistors in series, Then connect the first resistor that you soldered with the last one.

Some of you might not know what "series" means, This means that you have to make make a square with four resistors, As seen in picture #1.

Solder as many resistors as possible to the resistors that you soldered earlier (in parallel) as shown in picture #2

Picture #3 shows what you should end up with, Good Luck!

If the title of this step is shown as "Making The" it is supposed to be "Making The "Resistor Coasters" " I keep on changing it but it changes back :(

Step 5: Stapler Alternative

What's the stupidest (or not?) thing you can do with an enormous amount of resistors? Turn them into a stapler!

The legs are so thin that they can easily poke a whole in paper, As you can probably see in picture #3

I'm seriously thinking that I will start using these as a stapler now!

Step 6: Resistor Pencil Cup

If you saw steps 3-4, You can see that I made small rectangular coasters, I didn't need any coasters, But I did use the ones I made to make a "Resistor Pencil Cup."

Choose the resistors you'll want to use, I chose: Brown-Blue-Black-Gold, They looked the best out of all of the other resistors I had. If you want a different colors, you'll have to search for resistors with different "ohms" (Ω)

Step 7: Making the "Resistor Pencil Cup"- Structure

Start with step #4 of the Instructable, Repeat what you've made 4 times, After that connect them together (as seen in picture #1), This took me almost two hours but I really like how it turned out= 100% Worth The Time!

Bonus: You can also spray paint it if you don't like the look of the resistors (Kind of defeats the point of this, Oh Well...)

If the title of this step is shown as "Making The" it is supposed to be "Making The "Resistor Pencil Cup"- Structure" " I keep on changing it but it changes back :(

Step 8: Making the "Resistor Cup" -Loops

I made 2 small loops with more resistors, You'll see in the next step why I made these.

If the title of this step is shown as "Making The" it is supposed to be "Making The "Resistor Pencil Cup"- Loops" " I keep on changing it but it changes back :(

Step 9: Making the "Resistor Cup" -Mounting

First I removed my old pencil cup, This pencil cup was made out of the insides of a drill motor, You can see how I made it Here

Next, I screwed another screw into my "Magnetic Pegboard", You can nail two nails into a wall instead, If you want.

Now you can probably understand why I made the 2 hooks, This was the easiest way I could think of mounting it.

This one was my favorite resistor project! Make sure to let me know which one was yours!

If the title of this step is shown as "Making The" it is supposed to be "Making The "Resistor Pencil Cup"- Mounting" " I keep on changing it but it changes back :(

Step 10: Make Quick Jumper Wires

This is a quick trick that I thought of:

If you ever need a quick jumper wire and you don't have those fancy insulated jumper wires**, You can cut off part of the resistor and there you go!

Let's say that this is the best Life-Hack if you get lost in a forest with a box full of resistors, And you're hungry, You'll just have to program your arduino to find food for you. No... :)

**Okay, They're not so fancy...

Step 11: Pictures? SpectrumLED?

If you're subscribed to me here on Instructables you probably know that I love working with Electronics, Soldering, And LED's. You might have also noticed that the lighting in this Instructable way A LOT** better that my other Instructables!

Why is that?

I've recently finished making: "SpectrumLED- The 200+ WATT Variable Spectrum LED Panel For Video/Photography"

All of the pictures in this Instructable were filmed using "SpectrumLED"

Oh, And Don't forget to leave a message in the comments if you want me to make a "How To: Step-By-Step" Instructable for next weeks project! And, Don't forget to follow me if you're interested in the making it or in any of my other projects!

I will be uploading it soon!

EDIT: I've uploaded SpectrumLED! This is the link!

*This was still a pretty hard thing to do, To take a picture of a resistor I had to put my camera on maximum zoom. Maximum Zoom=Less light is able to enter through the lens and reach the sensor (camera component), But no worries, Most of the pictures will be okay :)

Step 12: Thanks for Watching!

Do you have an idea of something that I can make from resistors? Leave your idea in the comments below, I'll put it in Episode #2 of this series!

I hope you enjoyed my Instructable, If you wan't to see more projects like this, Don't forget to visit my Instructables page and subscribe for more projects!

If you make on of the things that I made in this Instructable, Please post a picture in the comments to show everyone!

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