Introduction: 5-minute Milkshake

Hi There!

I am going to show u how to make a (banana) milkshake.
It only takes about 5 minutes to make ,but u can enjoy it for hooooouuuurrrrsss :D
So grab ur stuffs and get moooving :)

Step 1: Pick Ur Stuff Together : Ingredients and Tools


1. 1 or 2 banana(s)
2. Milk
3. Vanilla Flavoured Ice Cream
4. Vanilla Sugar


1. Measuring Cup
2. Mixer
3. Spoon

Step 2: Making the Shake

1. Add 200ml Ice Cream (can add more or less)
2. Add 2 bananas in slices.
3. Add 2 sacks of Vanilla Sugar (around 4/5 spoons)
4. Add 150ml Milk
5. Mix it all up.

Step 3: Enjoy :D

Just Drink it up : )