Introduction: 5 Minute Chicken Salad

And by salad I mean it! there a veggies in there. I'm into cucumber overload right now, so everything I make has some of it.

Grab your food processor, mandolin,  some leftover chicken and lets go.


- 1 leftover grilled chicken breast
- 1 cucumber cut in half
-  Half a red onion
- 1 slice of lemon
- Fresh parsley
- 1/4 cup of mayo
- Salt and black pepper
- Some craisins
- Some cashews
- 1 boiled egg white (I just had it in my fridge, so why not?)
- 8 Ritz crackers

Take the yolk out of the egg.  Add everything but the mayo to your food processor. Save one half of the cucumber. Chop until well crumbled.

In a bowl, add the chicken/veggies mix/ Add the mayo, lemon and season with salt an pepper. Mix well.

Using your mandolin, slice the other half of the cucumber in thin rounds.

Now spoon a little chicken salad on a ritz cracker, top with half of a cucumber slice. Enjoy!!!