Introduction: $5 Rc Lights

some cheap but bright lights for a rc car

Step 1: Get a Rc

I'm using a traxxas slash 1/16

Step 2: Get Everything Else

duct tape and a battery powered light string

Step 3: Make the Line of Lights

lay the duct tape down (sticky side up) and one by one stick your lights on with all of them facing the same way

Step 4: Attach to Rc

attach your lights anywhere on the truck (I used the roof) and

Step 5: Put the Body Back On

put the body back on and depending on your shock stiffness you might want to tighten your shocks

Step 6: Have Fun Driving at Night

there bright cheap and best of all easy to make

Step 7: I Cleaned Up the Look

I used a sharp knife to clean up the look and I stuck tape back side up on the bottom of the lights to make them stick better and make them line up better. you use more tape this way but it makes it look better


these are not water proof at all. If you find a way to make them water proof plz make a instructable and comment the link in the comments

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