Introduction: How to Time Lapse a Car Trip for Free

im driving from colorado to oklahoma soon and i wanted to time lapse it for free so after trying many apps and doing many phone stand ideas i found a way to do it

Step 1: Get This App

this is free and you get enough features to time lapse long to small trips LINK HERE:

its easy to use and ill show you how to use it before we move on to your phone stand

Step 2: Using the App

im gonna show you how mine is set up for the 15 hour trip. for this long of a trip i set the frame intervals to 5 seconds. 15 hours is 900 miniutes and at 5 second frame intervals that will be a 6 min time lapse which is 150X faster then normal speed

Step 3: Phone Dash Holder

i tryed cardboard wood paper but legos seem to be the best anwser cause you can customize it to ANY smart phone. just make sure there a camera hole a charger hole and the back is open for the screen and add hinges to use for making the phone tight in the case. and make sure theres a lip on each side of the base plate so you can tape it on your dash.

Step 4: DONE

now im off to go film time lapses with this and i hope this gave you some ideas of how YOUR gonna make you time lapse film.