52 Reasons Why I Love You Book




Introduction: 52 Reasons Why I Love You Book

This is a nice project for your loved one. Great for valentines day anniversaries or just to say I love you.

Step 1: Materials

Deck of cards Modge podge or glue Magazine Scissors Hole punch Key ring Lots of love and patience!

Step 2: Cut Out Letters

On the front of each card I glued the letters " I love you " like an anonymous ransom letter. Do this 52 times :)

Step 3: Glue to Card

Glue all the letters on to each of the cards. Once dry, write one reason why you love your significant other on the back. It's tricky find space with all the pictures and numbers to work around! Be creative !!!

Step 4: Binding Into a Book

I forgot to punch holes into the cards before decorating so I did it after. Punch one hole in the corner of each card. You can do two if you have an extra key ring I know it's a pain in the ass but remember......LOVE AND PATIENCE! :)

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