Introduction: 555 Noise Maker

This project was created for our Jameco/Instructables 555 build night at my makerspace, GeeksOK.  Things weren't so successful at first.  We had a poor selection of capacitors, assumed we could wing it, and everyone was short on sleep.  So we managed to get our projects pieced together over the next few weeks.  We started with this one as it was easier to validate that it was working.

This also was used as the basis of our other two projects:

This project use the 555 as an oscillator and at one end of the adjustable range, it is in the audible range.  

You need the following parts:

C1 Ceramic Capacitor capacitance 10nF; voltage 20V
J1 Piezo Speaker
LED1 red LED
R1 Rotary Potentiometer resistance 10kΩ
R2 Resistor resistance 100Ω
R3 Resistor resistance 470Ω
R4 Resistor resistance 1kΩ
U1 555 Timer package DIP8
VCC1 Battery & Connector voltage 9V

Step 1: Schematic

Match your parts up to the schematic.  The LED and associated resistor is optional.

Step 2: Put It Together

Assemble the parts on the breadboard. 

Step 3: Try It Out

If everything went well you should be able to turn the knob and hear it squeal.  Part of the range will be out of actually hearing range.

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