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  • My quick attempt with the Google Cardboard app and my Nexus 5 leads me to believe that the Bluetooth joy pad doesn't work to "select" in the app. Though I have seen a few websites that says similar devices can be made to work. I did grab a magnet and waved it around my phone to manage selection. For those that don't know the actual Google Cardboard devices had a "switch" that was made with a magnetic trapped in the layers of cardboard. The phones magnetometer will pick up the movement.If anyone has a better way to use the Google Cardboard app and these goggles, please let me know. In addition we should list apps that can successfully be used. I did fire up Shadowrun VR using the goggles and joy pad.

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  • I could find no indication that this clock will support Fahrenheit or 12 hour clock. As far as the modes go...1) Set time - hour2) Set time - minute3) Set alarm - hour4) Set alarm - minute5) Enable / Disable alarm (as indicated by the dot in the bottom right)6) Set start hour for hourly chime (e.g. 7, for the hourly chimes to start at 7am)7) Set end hour for hourly chime (e.g. 21, for the hourly chime to end at 9pm)8) Enable / Disable hourly chime (as indicated by the dot in the bottom right)

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