Introduction: 555 Timer Robot

Another circuit with famous 555 chip. I decided to make a toy robot with blinking eyes. It is easy and fun to make.. This project is great soldering practice.

Great beginer project or toy for your kid scientist. My kids love it, they want to make couple of them , and they are caling them terminators :) .

Step 1: Parts

For this project you will need:

555 timer

10UF capacitor

47K resistor

100K resistor

cr2032 battery and battery holder ( battery holder can be found on old motherboard)


2 LEDs

You can find all the parts in broken electronic devices except 555 timer. You can buy 555 timer on ebay for very cheap 10 pcs for 1 dollar.

Step 2: Soldering and Schematic

Use picture and solder all components. Be carefull to not make shorts, some wires will bee very near to eacother, i isolated some parts of wires (legs). This is good soldering practice, use tweasers and something that will hold your robot steady while soldering. Schematic dont have switch, if you want use switch in head use steps instructions, Have fun.


1. bend pin 2 and pin 6 on back of 555 timer and connect them with soldering iron.

2. solder capacitor between pin one and pin 2, keep in mind polarity of cap.

3.solder resistors on pin 8,7,6

4. solder two wires on battery holder (legs)

5. left leg need to be soldered to - on battery and on pin 1 on 555 timer, right leg needs to be solder to + on battery and to one side of swithc button.

6.solder other side of switch to pin 8

7. solder pin 3 on 555 timer to anodes of LEDs.

8. Solder cathodes of LEDS to pin 1.