Carve Wooden Spoon for Keychain



Introduction: Carve Wooden Spoon for Keychain

If you build regular size spoon you will never use it. Bulid wooden spoon fpr keychain, show your work to your friend and enjoy your product always.

you can see all proces in this video

Step 1: Rough Shaping

Shape the wood using knife and spoon knife.

Step 2: Litle Smother Shaping

Mark the lines with pencil and use 80 grit sandpapaer to make final shape.

Step 3: Final Sanding , and Finish

now goes boring part, lots of sanding. I sanded this spoon with 80, 120, 220, 600 and 1200 grit sandpapaer. When sanding is finished you can apply oil to wood. Now wood look nice. Enjoj your product and make more for friend.

Whole proces can be seen at this video :

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