Introduction: 5V Breadboard Powersupply

i am teaching basics of electronics at pifcamp organized by ljudmila in the alps of Slovenia and we needed to make simple powersupply for breadboard. no pcb needed- just few parts

very usefull because of the battery clip going thru the regulator hole it will not break

Step 1: Materials

you are going to need just few standard parts
-9v battery clip
-double row male pin header
-7805 voltage regulator
-2x 100nF capacitors
-9v battery

Step 2: Schematics

just standard 7805 circuit 100nF on each side to stabilize the voltage

Step 3: Cut Pinheader and Solder the Voltage Regulator on Top

cut the pin header to have 2x6 pins
put it into the breadboard
bend the input leg of the voltage regulator
solder the regulator on the pinheader

Step 4: Add Capacitors

solder 100nF cap between the voltage input 9v and ground and put one more into the breadboard between voltage output 5v and ground

Step 5: Battery Clip

shorten the battery clip cable
run it thru the heatsinl hole of the voltage regulator
solder black wire to ground
solder red wire to the voltage input
connect battery and you are done !
5V on the breadboard to work with arduinos microcontrollers cmos- anything 5v