Introduction: 6 Awesome Tricks Using Matches

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Here's another set of tricks using matches to impress your family and friends!

Step 1: Flying Match

Setup: Grab a matchbox and three matches. Stand the matchbox on its side. Sandwich a single matchstick between the insert and the cover. One on the left and one on the right. Between the two matches, add the third match.

Performance: How do you make the match in the middle fly? Easy take a fourth match and light the third match in the middle. The tension created by the two initial matches will make the middle match take flight!

Step 2: Defying Gravity Matches

Setup: Grab a matchbox and a single match. Cut the single match to fit across the matchbox insert. This will suspend all the matches in the insert.

Performance: Push the insert half way out - be sure not to show the vertical match. Close the insert and flip it upside down. Now remove the matchbox cover. The matches are suppose to fall out, but give the insert a few taps and the matches will fall out. Since the vertical match is a little bit smaller from the rest it will blend in and you got yourself some defying gravity matches!

Step 3: Empty to Full Matchbox

Setup: Grab a matchbox remove the insert. Cut the insert 3/4 of the way.

Performance: Push the insert on the side where the 1/4 insert is located. The shorter end will push the longer end out and with your hands you can extend it even more. Note: Tilt the matchbox towards the shorter end just to be sure you won't show the matches that are hiding. Put back the insert and give the matchbox a tap. Now tilt the matchbox to the longer end, sliding the hidden matches. Now you went from an empty to a full matchbox!

Step 4: Automated Matchbox

Setup: Grab a matchbox and remove the insert. Cut a slit on the bottom of the matchbox cover - wide enough for a matchstick. Cut a matchstick in half. Glue the matchstick only to the insert. Make sure it doesn't get glued to the matchbox cover too. Slide it back and forth and make any adjustments needed.

Performance: Hold the matchbox in one hand and use your other hand to push the insert out. Now remove your hand and make some magic motions in the direction the insert will go next. Using your finger you can push the insert in the opposite direction. To continue the trick leave the hand holding the matchbox in place and use your other hand to give the matchbox a 180 degree turn. You now have an automated matchbox that opens all by itself!

Step 5: Transporting String

Setup: Grab a matchbox and remove the insert. Make four holes in the insert large enough for the string to pass through. Put one string in the top left hole and pass it through the bottom right hole. Take the second string and put it in the bottom left hole and pass it through the top right hole. Add back the matchbox cover.

Performance: Grab the two strings in one hand and have the matchbox close to your hand. Have someone else hold the opposite strings. Start moving the matchbox in the direction of the person holding the strings. Going back and forth will transport the location of the strings!

Step 6: Light a Match Using One Hand

Setup: Palm a matchbox in one hand. Grab a single match and place the head of the match on the striker. Place the end of the match under your thumb. Pressure is coming from your thumb and your index finger is there to hold the match in place.

Performance:Note - This is really tricky at first so I do suggest trying this trick with a match that has already been lit and turned off or hold the match with the head away from the striker. What you need to do is to close your index finger in the direction of your index finger and not towards the thumb (straight back). You thumb will come straight down. Doing these two motions will give you the capabilities to light a match using one hand!

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