Introduction: 6 DIY Makeup Organizing Solutions That'll Change Your Ehole Beauty Regimen

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Ah, makeup storage, the terror of terrors. I admit it, when it comes to my beauty tools -as I call them- I can be really, really messy. It's not that I want to No It's just because putting on my makeup is the last ritual I perform before leaving the house (being five minutes late for everything) and I always close the door promising that I will tidy my boudoir up when I get back. Have you ever tried to find this perfect lipstick of yours but ended up compromising with your next best choice because of your messy drawers? Have you ever tried to reach your gorgeous, natural liquid blush for this perfect final touch and ended up searching the internet for the best ways on how to remove makeup out of the Carpet? Sounds familiar?

You are not alone. We belong to the same tribe. After battling this endless battle myself, with countless beauty products piling up and never seem to be in the right place, I rounded up the best 6 DIY makeup organizing solutions that'll change your whole beauty regimen:

Step 1: ​#1. My First Tip Is a Classic One Divide and Conquer!

My first tip is a classic one divide and conquer! Take the first steps for organizing your beauty products by grouping them together. Select everything that you don't use every single day. I mean EVERYTHING and I mean EVERY SINGLE DAY. This perfect red eyeshadow that you used last Halloween won't come in handy when you struggle to prepare your style for this special meeting with your boss. Use cheap and easy-to-find drawer dividers and storage all these items. The way you are going to group them is up to you and your needs: you can put lipsticks with lipsticks, eyeshadows with eyeshadows etc, or you can storage them according to their purpose, everyday makeup, evening makeup, special occasions... the possibilities are endless.

Step 2: ​#2. Put Away Everything That You Don't Need

Now that you have put away everything that you don't need every day, it's high time to organize all these little treasures that help you shine in your daily routine. Create an easy-to-do beauty board by draping a metal sheet in a nice fabric, framing it and hanging it on the wall. Be creative! Choose a fabric with colors that match your home decor and paint your frame as if it was your masterpiece. Then, go to your local dollar store and pick up little magnets, which you are going to hot glue them to the back of your favorite products. Group them together, put them on your board and voila! Your daily beauty factory is ready!

Step 3: ​#3. Nail Polish

If you have many, many shades of nail polish that you hardly ever use because, hmm, you can't really locate them, pick up a beautiful shoe box, wrap it in paper or fabric or even decorate it with a decoupage, and fill it with all your little magic bottles. Use a Q-tip and mark each cap with the color of the nail polisher inside the bottle- this will make it super easy for you to find the best shade that truly matches your outfit.

Step 4: ​#4. Brush Up on Your Organization Skills!

Brush up on your organization skills! Pick up a glass, ceramic or plastic storage container, fill it with glass beads, colored marbles or even coffee beans and stick inside your makeup brushes, eye liners, lip liners and the similar.

Step 5: ​#5. If You Love Mason Jars As Much As I Do

If you love mason jars as much as I do, you can mount them onto a piece of wood and use them to keep your things tidy and handy. Mason jars are a stylish storage solution for everything- but especially for all those things you want to keep super clean like your makeup cotton pads and Q-tips.

Step 6: #6. Vintage Suitcases Are Definitely Trending and Can Be Used for Pretty Much Anything.

Vintage suitcases are definitely trending and can be used for pretty much anything. You can transform them to your own personal makeup kit, open it up when it's time to apply your makeup and when you are finished, simply close it and slide it under your bed. I use mine to keep everything I use often, but not daily: my curling iron, my epilator for strawberry legs, and this huge eyeshadow palette my best friend gave me and is supposed to make my eyes irresistible. Hope you liked my tips and that they will work for you as they worked for me. I am always looking forward to hearing your feedback and ideas!