Introduction: 5 Methods to Starting Fire Everywhere!

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Just to camp, walking through the forest, or traveling in wilderness, there is not necessarily a dwelling nearby. It's then necessarly to make fire to night. But imagine, you don't have matches or a lighter.

In this Instructable, I'm going to teach you 5 methods to make one, without matches or a lighter. We shall speak about the classic method of the bow until unsual method of the battery/chewing gum. But after all, I gonna to teach you how to prepare your campfire, and your fuel.

Step 1: Campfire: Stone and Position

First, you need a campfire. To create it, place a circle of stone with any stone which you find. Think of placing this circle far (1-2 meters) from fuel potential (tall grass, small trees), on the ground, sand, short grass (not fuel).

It's better if your campfire is under a shelter, if it rains. It's not a problem if you are in a forest (high trees) but if it's not the case, create one like a little shack.

Step 2: Fuel

Before create your one fire, you need fuel. For that, you can take some tall grass, broadleaf, etc... The most important thing about the fuel: It has to be very dry.

But there is a more effective material to launch a fire: the tinder. It's an enormous mushroom which we find on trees (especially on beeches), because it's very easily fired.

Remain to collect it (what is still easy if the mushroom grew in the heights of a still standing tree). The technique which I use to collect, in height, the mushroom: I use a knife with fine blade fixed at the end of a long stick to go take down the tinder.

Make dry it at the most. Then, take small quantity then crumble there.

You need it only a small quantity.

Step 3: Methods With Wooden Stick

Now we can make the fire! It's time to choose your method. The 3 first ones are the wooden stick method, the fire bow method and the fire plow method. You can create a fire with these methods in around 20 minutes.

The 3 first pictures are the instructions of each method. The First one and the third one are the most complicated physically and long of this 3 methods. So I recommend you the second, with the bow.

Each method are simple to prepare:

1- The Wooden Stick Method:

You just need a wooden straight stick (drill), and a board. You need to create a hole in the board like in the picture.

Place a green leaf (not dry) under the hole to collect the embers.

Now done quickly circular motion (around 20 minutes) to creates frictions and then, embers.

2- The Fire Bow Method:

It's the same principle than the first method, but here, the bow is added to spend less energy.

So you need, a wooden straight stick (drill), and a board. You need to create a hole in the board like in the picture.

In add, a bow, a cord (it can be a shoelace) and a socket.

Place a green leaf (not dry) under the hole to collect the embers.
Now done quickly movement in front / behind with the bow to creates frictions and then, embers.

Hold, please, the stone (socket) above the drill (not to burn your hand)

3- The Fire Plow Method:

Always principle of frictions with this third method!

You need, a wooden straight stick (hardwood shaft), and a softwood board (like in the third picture).

Place a green leaf (not dry) at the end of the wooden slope, on the ground, to collect the embers.
Now done quickly movement in front / behind with the hardwood shaft to creates frictions and then, embers.

Step 4: Method of the Magnifying Glass

This method of the Magnyfying Glass is one of the fastest, arround 10 seconds!

But for this method you absolutely need the sun!

Take your magnifying glass and concentrated shelves of the sun (which is behind you) on the fuel (very white zone).

But everybody haven't a Magnifying Glass... Don't worry! A plastic bottle full of water also works!

Step 5: Unusual Method of the Battery and Chewing Gum

This method is the fastest, it's immediate!

First time, it looks totally crazy, but it's totally possible!

You just need a battery (find in your flashlight, for example) and aluminium you can find in the package of the chewing gum (Yeah the chewing gum is useless for us but you can eat it!)

Cut the aluminium like in the second picture. Place each end of aluminium on each pole of the battery.

Warning! It's totally immediate! It is fired in the middle of the aluminum (narrowest part). Think to put the aluminium in the fuel to begin the fire.

Step 6: Final Result

Yeah! It's done! You are create your one fire without matches or a lighter! It's awesome!

I wish that you learn new things, and that this Instructable was relevant for you and for your futur travels!

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