Introduction: 6" Open Face Jewelry Display Box

What you’ll need:

Scissors and/or an X-ACTO knife

6" open face jewelry display box accent piece template


Small bowl

Rose gold metallic paint

6" open face jewelry display box template

12” by 12” card stock

Glue and/or double sided tape

A pencil

12” by 12” printed acetate paper


Pin(s) or a pen

Step 1: Print the Accent Piece Template

You can download the template here.

Step 2: Paint Over the Accent Pieces With Rose Gold Metallic Paint

Set aside and let dry.

Tip: Apply two coats of paint to get the greatest colour payoff.

Step 3: Cut a 3" by 3" Square Out of the Printed Acetate Paper

Set aside.

Step 4: Print the Box Template

You can download the template here.

Step 5: Cut the Template Out With Scissors or an X-ACTO Knife

Step 6: Trace the Template Onto the Card Stock

Tip: Use some of the other project supplies to hold down the template while you trace.

Step 7: Cut the Card Stock Out With an X-ACTO Knife or Scissors

Cut along the broken lines as well.

Step 8: Fold the Card Stock Along the Solid Lines

Tip: A ruler provides a hard edge to fold the card stock over.

Step 9: Cut the Accent Pieces Out With Scissors or an X-ACTO Knife

Set aside.

Note: In the photo there are a few different accent pieces because at the time I wanted to have different options to play around with. The pdf. attached to this project however, only includes the accent pieces I ended up using for this project.

Step 10: Adhere the 3" by 3" Piece of Acetate Paper to the Bottom of the Inside of the Box With Double Sided Tape or Glue

Note: You may need to reduce the acetate paper to 2.8” by 2.8” to ensure the box flaps are able to fold over and lay flat.

Step 11: Fold One of the 3" by 0.25" Rectangular Accent Pieces in Half and Adhere It to the Edge of the Flap at the Front of the Box

Tip: Use a ruler to help fold the rectangular accent piece in half.

Note: I included three additional 3" by 0.25" rectangular accent pieces in the accent template pdf. just in case you want or need extras.

Step 12: Adhere the Large Rectangular Accent Piece to the Inside of the Box With Glue

Ensure all the pieces are securely glued or taped to the card stock.

Step 13: Apply Glue or Double Sided Tape to the 1st, 2nd and 4th Flaps

Adhere the 1st and 2nd flaps to the inside of the 3rd flap; then fold the 4th flap inward over the 1st, 2nd and 3rd flaps.

Repeat on the opposite side.

*Refer to the above image or to the Open Face Jewelry Display Box Template pdf. for the respective 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th flaps.

Step 14: Poke Holes Into the Hole Markers With a Pin/Pins or a Pen

Step 15: ​You’re Done!

Now you can arrange your rings, earrings and bracelets in your rose gold accented jewelry display box.

Note: If you have heavy jewelry you can reinforce the bottom and/or back of the display with cardboard or heavy card stock.


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