Introduction: 6 Pack Coaster

Ever been struck by the beauty that you've beheld on a 6 pack holder of a beer that you've bought? Want to savor the memory of that brew? This can all be yours with the creation of a 6 pack holder coaster. Very inexpensive to make, they're great for gifts, and just down right cool.

Step 1: Gathering Your Materials

For this project you will need a few inexpensive materials

-White Glue and water (or a pre-made decoupage)


-X-Acto Knife

-Electric Tape

-Packing Tape

-Clear Sealer


-Construction Paper

-And of course your 6 pack holder of choice!

-I work at a liquor store so there's oodles of them just hanging around, waiting to be transformed.

Step 2: Tracing Your Coaster Shape

I went with a circle for my coaster and used the packing tape to trace out my pattern. You could really do anything you wanted to however. Just make sure you're able to recreate the shape a few more times for steps in the future.

Step 3: Cut It Out Man

Cut that bad boy out!

Step 4: Cutting Out the Cardboard

Now comes the time to give the coaster some structure.Trace your coaster shape onto the cardboard and cut it out. I used cardboard because again, there couldn't be more of it lying around at work but if you wanted to be fancy and make it out of wood or some other item, be my guest.

Step 5: Line the Edges

To create a more finished edge, I decided to wrap the outside in electrical tape as opposed to leaving it exposed.

Wrap the tape all the way around, keeping the middle of the tape in line with the middle of the coaster. After this, I folded the edges on the bottom over and left the top side untouched. Be careful not to press down the tape on the top while you're folding over the bottom.

Step 6: Trim Top Edges

Trim all of the excess tape from the top of your coaster where you have the 6 pack logo. I held the blade parallel to the logo and just touching it to get a clean edge.

Step 7: Attaching the Logo

Now it's time to start building. Using some white glue, attach the 6 pack piece to the cardbaord.

Step 8: Bottom of the Coaster

On your construction paper, trace out your coaster shape and then cut it out.

Step 9: Seal the Construction Paper

Using your packing tape, create a layer on top of the circle of construction paper, making sure its smooth and flat, with none of the paper left exposed. Trim the excess with a pair of scissors. Then hot glue this to the bottom.

Step 10: Sealing the Logo

Using your clear sealant( I bought it at Michael's for $5) spray the top of your coaster and let dry. I used 5 coats on mine, with 15 minutes in between each coat to dry. After it's all dry, sit back, put a cold one on your coaster and enjoy.