Introduction: 6 Tips for an AWESOME Lego Room

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I (Steph) have loved Lego most of my life. In high school, when my brother went into the military, I got to take over his room. This meant I had a bedroom, bathroom, and extra room all to myself! I went to decorating them in my style and the bathroom got a Lego makeover.

Since that time, I've wanted to expand on that theme and make a whole Lego room! When I bought my first house I went to work right away at creating the ultimate adult lego room! (What makes it adult? Maybe that it’s more organized than a kid's room typically would be :)

Nephew/Niece/Grands Tyler, Andrew, and Ava helped us out on this one!

Step 1: Storage and Organization

  • Plan and create storage and organization for various size bricks and sets
  • Large brick storage (IKEA TROFAST frame and bins) are great to organize by brick color and size
  • Various bricks and sets (Lego Storage Bricks) are used to hold odds and ends, like lego train track and sets I don’t have room to display.
  • Small brick storage (Akro-Mils craft and hardware cabinet) these two cabinets allow easy organization of small bricks and pieces. Once I determined which bricks would go in each drawer, I printed out a picture of the pieces on sticker paper and attached to the front.

Step 2: Display

  • We used a variety of shelving to display finished sets.
  • Floating shelves- we built with angle iron and scrap wood to display small sets (see full details here)
  • Wall shelves- two standard shelves from the hardware store provide more display space
  • Large shelf- I put some trim on a wood board and set it on the top of the two Ikea Trofast frames to make a full shelf for lego sets to be displayed.
  • Display table- using two IKEA KALLAX shelf units, I again put trim on a wood board and laid it across the two units. This provides so many surfaces to display sets!

Step 3: Play Space

  • Bench- great to sit on but also makes a great play surface off the floor (It's vintage mid-century.)
  • Dry erase board- great place to draw out Lego set designs!
  • Pallet Lego table- nephew Tyler had this build idea, it’s the perfect surface to setup a Lego city! (see full details here)
  • Large soft lego bricks- we were at LegoLand in FL and in a kids' play area they had these really cool soft bricks. I went to search on amazon and found them for my Lego room! We keep them stored in a light weight basket.
  • Rug- I love having hard flooring in this room, it's great for building but not so comfortable for sitting. We found this rug a few years ago and I thought it looked like the top of a Lego brick. It fits perfectly in the room and makes for more comfortable play!

Step 4: Decorate

  • Wall color- This color is called zesty apple. I love the pop of color it adds even though the bricks have plenty of color on their own. I wanted a fun color to go along with this fun room.
  • Curtains- I have a great big window in this room and it can make the room hot during the day. I painted a dropcloth the same color as my walls, then had my nephews and niece (Tyler, Andrew, Ava) put their hand and foot prints on it. I love how it turned out, and it’s so special to to me.
  • Lego posters- sometimes in Lego sets they include a poster and I decided to display a few
  • Lego Art- I had this idea and just thought it would be super cute for the room (see full details here)

Step 5: What to Display?

  • Sets vs. Personal Creations
  • Deciding what sets to display was a fun part of this process! I was thrilled when I could put my Harry Potter sets (from 2000) back together and have them on display.
  • I also have a few custom creations I kept from my Lego bathroom when I was in high school.
  • But my favorite sets? When the nephews make their own set, I love to display them proudly! Tyler liked to make minifigures when he was younger and I made a stand to hold his favorites.

Step 6: Other Non-Lego Kid Surprises!

Along with all the lego bricks and sets, I also have some “other” toys hiding in some Lego colored storage boxes. They easily fit into the room without being noticed when stored away. The kids fav would have to be the Disney monorail, Mickey gloves, and “grow” ball.

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