6061 Aluminum Clavichord




Introduction: 6061 Aluminum Clavichord

Lovers of fine music have an inbred desire to experience their music in their own homes. Most would wish to perform this music themselves, as opposed to having a “full-time band.” For those whose tastes also run along the lines of contemporary design, the options to achieve this are very limited. A keyboard instrument is the clear choice of instruments for these people, yet there are, with the exception of a few “modern” pianos, no instruments available to fill this need. This led to the creation of this minimalist, contemporary instrument. A clavichord is the ideal choice for many people because it is the most expressive and intimate of all keyboard instruments, it is relatively small, but is entirely suitable for all types of keyboard music.

The edelan 6061 Clavichord is all-aluminum. It is built mainly of 6061 alloy aluminum. This alloy is particularly strong and is used in design situation where rigid construction is required. However, the aluminum soundboard itself is not the 6061 alloy, but pure aluminum.

While the keyboard and the musical parts have traditional form and recognizable parts, components, such as the soundboard, the bridge, and the hitchpin rail, have all been re-engineered to be part of an all metal instrument. The bridge, called a Benson Bridge after its inventor, has the traditional shape of a bridge, but is built with a three part layered aluminum construction with holes in lieu of the traditional bridge pins.

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    5 years ago

    This is so impressive!

    Do you happen to have any photos of along the way as you made this? If so, I hope you'll consider adding them. They would be great to see! :)


    Reply 5 years ago

    The attached PDF is about the design and construction of the instrument. Let me know if you would like more than this.