64p Pasta Carbonara in One Pot - Student Life

Introduction: 64p Pasta Carbonara in One Pot - Student Life


25g of a strong cheese e.g. Parmesan 31p worth
1 medium egg 8p worth
1 portion of spaghetti (75g ish) 3p worth
1 rasher of bacon (unsmoked) 22p worth


1) Boil saucepan of water and add pasta - cook for time stipulated on packet then drain
2) Meanwhile beat 1 egg and grated cheese together in a mug (I use a garlic press for small amounts of cheese) - add a little pepper and salt to aid flavour if wanted
3) Cut the rasher of bacon into small pieces and fry in the saucepan with a little oil
4) When bacon cooked add pasta and rapidly after the egg and cheese mix
5) Stir for around 30 seconds until egg mixture coats all pasta and is cooked through (looks white)

DONE! Put on a plate and enjoy!

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