Introduction: 7 USB Holder

Recently I needed a small little holder for a bunch of USB. My first though was why not find someone else's model and save myself designing them from scratch. The ones I did find had corrupt files or were hosted on some sketchy website. In the end it was easier and faster if I just made my own. I spent more time searching for a design then I did making it, which is odd as it's normally the other way around.


In order to make this holder you'll need...

  • 3mm wood (MDF)
  • A means to cut out the design. (Laser cutter)

Step 1: Design Files + Assembly

Files are quite named as the parts they contain. The side panel needs to be cut twice for both edges. For those of us not using scraps there is a complete plate (FullPlate.dxf) of every part, optimised to reduce the number of duplicate cuts. Will fit on a 142 x 132 mm plate (fits on a 6" square plate).

Once cut the parts can be assembled and glued together using the appropriate glue for the job.

Step 2: Alternative Files

Before anyone asks, here is a set of matching files to the step above, but in SVG format.