Introduction: Reusable Scraps Cart

Next to the laser cutter at Makerspace, reusable scraps were kept in an old cardboard box. None of it sorted and consistently overflowing. It was always a challenge to find the right piece to use among the scrap. So we thought it was high time that a proper cart was built to sort out the reusable scrap from junk.

This small cart is what was built.
Six dividing sections with different sizes and heights to sort the large material from the small. At the "end of the day" any loose small bits can be tipped out from the bottom slot that runs all the way to the back.

Built on a Trotec Speedy 300 (726mm x 432mm).


6 mm MDF or equivalent sheets.

PVC glue (wood glue)

Caster wheels to roll it around

Step 1: Laser Cuting Time

Time to cut all the parts out. Here's a list of how many times each get cut.

  • fin-small-panel: x2
  • side-panel: x2

Every other part is cut once.

Step 2: Slotting Time + With Glue

  1. Slot the two fin-small-panel into the front-panel and mid1-panel.
  2. Attach the fin-large-panel into mid1-panel and mid2-panel.
  3. Fit the assembly into the two side-panel parts.
  4. Now joint the back-bottom-panel and back-top-panel together.
  5. Fit the assembly into the back panel.
  6. Slide it all into the bottom-panel.

And you're done.

Add the caster wheels if you want a movable trolley.

Step 3: Original Design Files

Here's the original design file (Fusion 360) if anyone wishes to improve on the design or alter any tolerances (check the parameter table).