Garage doors require a great deal of maintenance. Garage door installation and garage door repair requires one to be disciplined and committed. It is an expensive investment that needs to be protected. It is essential to know how the assorted bits and bobs of your garage door work. It is vital to distinguish what requires professional maintenance and what you can fix yourself. This is particularly important if you own an electrical garage door.

Maintaining your garage door and its parts is important because it rids it of or prevents it from accruing grime, rust and any other alien objects that keep it from working as it should. Cleaning the parts of your garage door is not a task you have to do every single day or week. This is a task that you can do every few months or so.

Metal garage doors are susceptible to denting, particularly when there are children around. A dented garage door diminishes the claim of the outside of your home and can lessen its general worth. Repairing the dents as opposed to door substitution spares you a significant measure of cash. Obviously, if your door is totally collapsed, you ought to most likely supplant it. Minor dents, nonetheless, are effortlessly repaired and can be expert by homeowners with even restricted home-change aptitudes.

You will need to inspect your garage door (its different parts and it panels) from time to time to see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. Dents on the garage door panels are easily identifiable. They do not require extensive inspection. However, depending on the extent of the damage, may require professional work. Fixing the dents on your garage door panel is simpler than doing many other repairs on the garage door parts.

Some of the tools you would need to fix the dents on a garage door panel include:
· Paint

· A block of wood

· 80 and 120 grit sandpaper

· Rubber mallet

· Cardboard

· Auto body filler

· Plastic putty knife

Below are ways to fix a dented garage door panel:

1. Place a square of wood on the distending side of the dent if conceivable. Tap the square with an elastic hammer to straighten out the dent.

2. Sand the indented range with a bit of 120-coarseness sandpaper to unpleasant up the surface.

3. Blend a fitting measured bit of auto body filler with hardener on a little bit of scrap cardboard. Take after blending directions prescribed by producer. The more hardener you include, the sooner it starts to set and get hard.

4. Apply the filler to the indented range on the completed side of the garage door utilizing a plastic putty knife. Smooth out the material with the putty knife and fill any remaining voids in the door. Permit the filler to dry, more often than not around 20 minutes, prior to sanding with 80-coarseness sandpaper to evacuate pack and smooth harsh zones.

5. Sand the repair with 120-coarseness sandpaper to smooth the repair further.

6. Paint the repair with a groundwork intended for metal applications.

7. Complete the venture by painting the repair or the whole garage door with paint appraised for outside metal surfaces.

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