Introduction: $8 In-ground Fire Pit

I wanted a fire pit in the back yard, but didnt want to spend a lot of money, and didnt want one more thing to mow I found a pretty good solution. I got 4 curved scalloped edger blocks for edging around flower beds and trees. They are about 6"x2"x24" and each was under $2, so I spent a total of about $8. The inside diameter of the pit is about 30" which is a decent size (i was hoping for something a little bit bigger, but I couldn't complain knowing the price. Eventually i will probably dress it up with some rocks around the side (flat to the ground for mowing).

Materials needed fir this job:
-4 edger blocks
-1 can of spray paint
-1 drain spade
-1 dig shovel
-wheelbarrow or cart

Step 1: Placement and Marking

Figure out where you want the pit and think about safety. Make sure it is far away from any structures. Lay out the blocks connected and mark edge. I used spray paint because it leaves a nice crisp edge to show where to dig. I personally do not like the look of the scalloped edges on the block so i put those face down for my application.

Step 2: Begin to Dig

Always call befor you dig to make sure it is safe. When you're sure that it's safe go ahead and begin to dig the hole. I used the short handle drain spade and digging shovel. I had a garden hoe, but didn't really end up using it. A little hand saw would also be nice if you run into roots like I did. I started by taking the drain spade and doing verticle cuts directly downward all the way around the circle. Once the edges are cut it should make a temporary dirt wall...and go ahead and remove the dirt from the middle as well. The entire hole should he about 6.5" deep. This will let the blocks sit about 1/2 and inch below the surface of the ground making it a snap to mow over the edges without worring about hitting something. Periodically place the blocks in the hole untill the size and depth are right. Have a wheelbarrow or cart and a place to put your dirt (low spots around the foundation of your house are always a good place).

Step 3: Place Blocks and Flame On!

Once you have placed the blocks, you will probably need to level them a bit, so have that dirt ready to shim it up a little bit. Also, you will need the extra dirt (a little) to fill the gap between the block and the outside edge of the dug hole. Once it is leveled out and looks good, it is time to get a fire rip roarin in there to test it out.

I hope this helps a few people out there. Have fun and be safe!