Introduction: Travel Watercolor Palette (eye Shadow Box)

 I have been looking to make a travel sized watercolor palette for when I am on vacation or out and just want to paint.  I have found that this is an extremely effective palette, and also extremely affordable.  I bought it at the dollar store so it was only $1 but if you have one laying around at home, that is even better because it is free.  I also like it because it is about the same size as an ipod, in all dimensions.  A GREAT piece to add to a portable kit!

Step 1: Remove Eye Shadow

After you take it out of the package, remove the eye shadow.  I used a knife to get under the corner of the eye shadow, and this particular eye shadow box had the makeup in a little tin, so it came out effortlessly.  Also, make sure to remove any adhesive that is under the tin.  Be sure to wash it out clean to remove any debris.

Step 2: Add Pigment to the Cups

Go ahead and squeeze the pigment from the tube into the individual cups.  This is where the palette comes alive.

Step 3: Paint the Cover White

Because the eye shadow kit that I bought had a clear lid, I wanted to paint it white so I would have a good surface (even though it is small) to mix color.  If the eye shadow kit that you are using already had a white lid, you are in business.  The reason that you want it to be white is to be able to see the color that you are mixing properly.  MAKE SURE YOU PAINT THE OUTSIDE and not where you will be mixing color.

You may want to do this step before you put the pigment in the cups...i didn't think about it...but it was OK.  just shut the lid and paint the outside and it is all good.

Step 4: Let the Pigment Dry (24 Hrs)

This is the last step and I would definitely recommend letting it dry out.  Just a good idea before you take it out and start using it.