Introduction: 8-Minute-instructable: Virtually Indestructable IPhone Case

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The school has already started again , And practicing basketball ain't the best sport to leave your iphone just there , unprotected , almost naked , inmune to really hard hits falls and sweat!

So, I made a Quick trip to the thrift store and bought this Pelican case for 50 pesos ( Which is approximately 5 dollars ) So my iphone had a tad bit more protection , but I wasn't fully happy , my iPhone rattled in the inside and I didn't like that , I Wanted A GOOD , SHOCK and WEATHER resistant case .

So after looking in my 'shop' I found some Weather sealant foam Strips , These are Cushioned , And Soft Enough to hold my iPhone Tightly and securely

Then I thought " Why the heck not"!

Step 1: What's Needed?

You need essentially two things :
  • A Resistant , Weather/Water Proof Rectangular Case of some sort .(Fireproof Optional)
(I Used A "refurbished" Pelican (R) Case , It was cheap enough to buy It )
(These are sold in virtually any camping or gun shop )(new ones may cost more)

  • About half a meter (50cm or well 20 inches) of weather sealing foam
( Found in the hardware section of a big store , the self adhesive version or the regular
version they both Work)

And for the tools section
-A Ruler
-And your locomotive system and it's extremities (ie. hands ,brain, muscles, nerves, etc.)

I Took most of the pictures with my iPhone , I was too lazy to search for the camera charger thing.

I am not associated with Pelican(R) BTW.

Step 2: Measure Once , Cut Three Times...

Measure the insides of the case with the ruler , Then cut out fairly accurate pieces of foam with the measure ments you took earlier .

Each piece should be snug in the case.

Step 3: Cut Once Again

Now Cut the Foam Strip in Half Lengthways .

Do This To all of the foam strips (ya cut t0o ,rite?)

Step 4: Put Two in the Inside (and More Measuring)

Insert two of your freshly cut strips in the inside, in the bottom.

Optional , follow only if there's a gap between strips !!1!=

Step 5: Fillin Thee Gap

Cut one more Strip of foam , the length of the gap .
Cut it half length ways
Cut lengthways the width of the gap.
Insert the recently cut piece in the gap.


Step 6: Side Protection

Basically ,what we will do here is placing the halves of strip in the sides.

Cut the scrap foam to fit in the top (were the Line-out is ) and In the Bottom (were microphone and speaker are)

Step 7: Final Thougths

After testing this apparatus ,( 2 meter submersion , 75 cm drop , minimum rain exposure ....) My iPhone was Completely intact .

Let's go to the court!

See ya !

I Hope you liked this instructable , thanks a lot for reading it !