Introduction: 8 Pool Noodle Life Hacks & Diy's

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Pool noodles are one of those things I always have lying around.

I hate when you can't get them in the winter (at least not easily)

I think they should be sold all year round as they are very useful.

In this Instructable we'll have a look at 8 things you can do with pool noodles.

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Step 1: Phone Holder

I used a foam cutter to make a phone holder.

If you don't have a foam cutter, you can also use knife.

The holder can hold the phone in different angles.

Step 2: Pool Noodle Cutter

For some of the Life Hacks/ Diy's we'll need a cut noodle, so let's make a cutter.

I used thermoplastic to make a ring around the noodle.

Then I pushed through a utility knife (in a slight angle - around 4°) and left the thermoplastic to harden.

Step 3: Pool Noodle Cutter

When the ring was hard, I slid it onto the noodle and reattached the knife.

By twisting the noodle and holding the ring, you'll get a spirally cut noodle.

Step 4: Improve Your Garden Chair

Because of the way the noodle is cut, you can wrap it around the objects that are much bigger/fatter than the pool noodle's hole.

I improved the chair so it's more comfy.

I also wrapped table legs, so my son does not hit his head.

Step 5: Hang the Torch

If you need to hang a torch in the tree or somewhere else, pool noodle does a great job.

Step 6: Beverage Can Thermos

There are time when I finish my beer fast and times when I make it last

I prefer my beer cold until the last drop, but because of the hot weather it's not always cool.

Pool noodle is a great insulator, perfect to make a thermos bag.

I cut off the top of a can and used that can to cut a hole in a pool noodle.

Step 7: Beverage Can Thermos

To remove the core, we need a bent knife.

I heated up a utility knife with a blowtorch and bent it with pliers.

Step 8: Beverage Can Thermos

I used that knife to cut the bottom, so I can remove the core.

Step 9: Beverage Can Thermos

I did the same procedure with another piece of noodle.

Step 10: Beverage Can Thermos

And last, I closed the holes.

That's it!

We have a thermos that will keep your beer cold for longer.

Works great!

Step 11: Toilet Cistern Tablet Saver

I like to use one of those toilet cistern tablets, but they don't last too long.

Here is a way to make it last 40% - 50% longer.

(I've been testing this thing for months)

I cut a space/cavity in a pool noodle for the tablet.

Then I covered it with a sink strainer. I used elastic bands and cable ties to hold the strainer.

I also put 2 eyelets in the strainer, so the sharp holes don't cut the elastic band.

Step 12: Toilet Cistern Tablet Saver

Put in the tablet and drop it in the toilet cistern.

Make sure your toilet cistern's mechanism is not affected by the "Toilet Cistern Tablet Saver"

Because the tablet is not completely submerged in the water, it will last much longer.

Of course the water will not have as many chemicals in it as before, but it will still do the job.

Step 13: Bottle Protector

If you need to protect the bottles when travelling, pool noodle does a great job.

Step 14: Tie Together All Those Pipes & Sticks in the Corner

I have a corner where I keep PVC pipes and wooden sticks.

Pool noodle is a great help in keeping the corner more organized.

Step 15: Curtain TieBacks

You can make many curtain tiebacks from a pool noodle.